Ida Soule Kuhn (1869 – 1952)

(from Puget Sound Country 1903) Hoquiam
(sister to Sarah Soule and Thomas Soule)

 In 1900 Mr. Kuhn was married to Mrs. Ida Soule Howes, of Hoquiam. Mrs. Kuhn organized and is regent of the Robert Gray Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and is a member of the Society of Mayflower descendants. From these connections it will be inferred that Mrs. Kuhn has a line of famous ancestors, and the following paragraphs will be devoted to them.

Ida Soule Kuhn
(courtesy of Polson Museum)

This branch of the Soule family traces its authenticated ancestry without a single break through Constant Southworth back to Childric, King of the Franks, born in 458. The line comes down through Charlemagne; his descendant, Louis IV. of France called "D'Outremer"; his descendant, Robert de Bellomont, who was associated with William the Conqueror in the invasion of England , and was created the first Earl of Leicester. He was descended on his mother's side from Alfred the Great of England. There were many succeeding Earls of Leicester in the Bellomont name whose wives were of the ducal houses of Pembroke, Hertford, Gloucester , Winchester , Norfolk , March, Salisbury , etc. The line then comes down through females to Lady Isabell de Dutton, who married Sir Christopher Southworth, of Salmesbury, in 1465. From them was descended Constant Southworth, whose granddaughter Mercy Southworth married Moses Soule, grandson of George Soule, a passenger on the Mayflower, and thirty-fifth signer of the famous "Compact." Mercy Southworth was also a great-granddaughter of John Alden and Priscilla Mullens. Seven of the Southworth ancestors were signers of the Magna Charta, four were among the founders of the Order of the Garter, and one, William Marshal, third Earl of Pembroke, was Lord Protector of the Realm during the minority of King Henry III. of England . Another ancestor, Ralph de Stanley, second Baron Stafford, had a principal command at Cressy.

Barnabas Soule, grandson of Moses and Mercy, founded the Soule shipyards at Freeport , Maine , one of the oldest in the country and in active operation up to a few years ago, twelve of the Soule ships being now in commission on the Pacific coast. Nearly all the descendants of Barnabas have been engaged either in shipbuilding or in seafaring life. His son Thomas was captain of their privateer Fairplay in the war of 1812, and was captured by the British and confined in Dartmoor prison. Joseph, the son of Thomas Soule, was born in Freeport , Maine , and was descended, through his mother, Sallie Follansbee, from David and Daniel Currier, of Amesbury , Massachusetts , father and son, who were patriots in the Revolutionary war. Joseph Soule continued in the shipbuilding business for many years. He made a trip to California in one of the family ships in 1852, and a few years later moved from Maine to Illinois , where he engaged extensively in the manufacturing of farm machinery, which he continued until 1879, when he located in California . In 1885 he removed with his family to Hoquiam on Gray's Harbor, but again returned to the east and died in New York in 1900. His family all reside in Hoquiam.

Joseph Soule married Miss Frances Fensley, now living at Hoquiam, who is a fine, intellectual and well preserved woman. She is a direct descendant of General Schuyler of Revolutionary fame; of John Folsom of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, another patriot and an ancestor also of Mrs. Grover Cleveland, and, on her mother's side, from Sir Robbie Murray of Stirling , Scotland , and Timothy Pickering, Washington's secretary of state.

In the collateral branches of the Soule family are some interesting characters, among them being the despotic Rev. John Wheelwright, brother of Mrs. Anne Hutchinson, and the founder during his enforced exile from Massachusetts colony of Wells. Maine , and Essex , New Hampshire ; the Rev. Peter Bulkley, fhe saintly founder of Concord . Massachusetts; Major Robert Pike, the famous lawyer and Indian fighter, who saved many an old woman accused of witchcraft from the gallows, and who was one of the founders of Salisbury. Massachusetts ; and the above mentioned Constant Southworth, stepson of Governor Bradford, who came to the country in 1628. During his long life he held many important offices in Plymouth colony, being deputy governor for twenty-two years, treasurer for sixteen years and commissary general during King Philips war.

Mrs. Kuhn is one of the children of Joseph and Frances Soule, the others being John Fensley Soule, secretary of the Northwestern Lumber Company; Mrs. Sarah Soule McMillan, Captain Thomas Soule and Mrs. Josiah Onslow Steams, all of Hoquiam.