Charter Members


When the Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Washington was chartered March 28, 1912, the 15th State to be chartered, the man responsible and most influential in its formation was Warren Greene, a descendant of Pilgrim Richard Warren. The first organizational meeting was held Tuesday, May 7, 1912, in the home of Mr. William Nye Redfield in Seattle, Washington.

After completing their organizational plans, a request for a Charter from the General Society of Mayflower Descendants was signed by twenty Washington residents who were members of other state Societies. Having met the necessary requirements, the Charter was granted on March 28, 1912. The initiation fee to join the Society was set at $3.00 and annual dues at $2.00 per year.

         First Slate of Officers              Names  
  Governor   William Nye Redfield  
  Secretary   Jessamine (Greene) Quigley  
  Treasurer   Charlotte S. (Tilden) Loose  
  Historian   Ida (Soule) Kuhn  
Board of Assistants
  Helen (Shaw) Jennings, Chairman  
  Annie (Mitchell) Foster Harriette (Norton) Cottle Tilton   Edward Reed Ingersoll
  Hannah (Sisson) Kellett Ada B. (Caldwell) White   Elinor H. (Ingersoll) Thorne
  Nina (Olds) Enegren Cecile (Enegren) Garland   Bertha (Caldwell) Calvert
  Harriett (Louisa) Parkhurst Sarah (Soule) McMillan   Thomas Clement Soule
  Georgianna Ring Green Annette (Fitch) Brewer   Frances (Soule) Emerson
        Charter Members  
  Warren Greene  
  Jessamine (Greene) Quigley  
  Ida Fulton (Soule) Kuhn         
  Thomas Clement Soule  
  Sarah Follansbee (Soule) McMillan    
  Charlotte Sawyer (Tilden) Loose     
  William Nye Redfield     
  Ada Baxter (Caldwell) White    
  Hannah (Sisson) Kellett        
  Helen Richmond (Shaw) Jennings  
  Cecille Leffingwell (Enegren) Garland  
  Elinor Harriett (Ingersoll) Thorne      
  Harriette (Norton) Cottle Tilton  
  Bertha Hayner (Caldwell) Calvert  
  Carrie (Starr) Parkhurst  
  Harriett Louisa (Knevals) Parkhurst  
  Edward Reed Ingersoll  
  Georgianna Ring Green  
  Nina Isalona (Olds) Enegren         
  Frances (Soule) Emerson  
  Annette (Fitch) Brewer Nelson  
Annie (Mitchell) Foster


Although the records for the first twenty years (1912-1932) of the Washington Society have been lost, it is known that many of the members during those early years included descendants of Seattle's first pioneers, such as Rolland Denny.

2012 was our Society's 100th anniversary. As a part of the celebration we researched some background history of our charter members.