Elected Officers  
Governor Judith Arnold Receives membership satisfaction feedback
Deputy Governor Jocelyn Paulson  
Recording Secretary Marilynn Sabo
Corresponding Secretary Luanne Green
Receives general correspondence, changes to member contact information
Treasurer Margaret Spangler
Historian Jerri McCoy Initial inquiries about membership should be addressed to the Historian. Before contacting the Historian, please read our Application Information.
Assistant Historian Bruce Harrington
Questions regarding Junior Membership should be addressed to the Assistant Historian
Elder Carol Jean Gaffney
Report deaths of members to the Elder
Captain Jeffry Doughty
Elected Members  


  Assistant David Raese
  Assistant Cheryl Eastwood
  Assistant Sandra Fisher
  Assistant Lynn Pittier
  Assistant Kathleen Quickstad
  Assistant Dorothy Hull
  Assistant Steve Arnold
  Assistant Jane Ritchey
Ex-Officio Members  


  Deputy Governor General Washington Steven Arnold General Society Officer. Also, GSMD Executive Board Member-at-Large
  Assistant General Washington Judith Arnold General Society Officer
  Immediate Past Governor Guy Moellendorf  

Special Contacts

  Newsletter Editor
Catherine Roberti
Evergreen Log Newsletter
Jerri McCoy
Handles website inquiries
Kathi Quickstad
Monitors our FaceBook site
  Pilgrim Attire
Lynn Pittier

Inquiries should be sent to the webmaster